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What you need to know about 5G…

We hope the information below will help you understand the truth behind the dangers related to 4G/5G technology. Why would telecommunication companies spend so much money to install a 4G/5G wireless grid across the US? Is it really so you can download a movie faster or have a stronger internet connection?  Are there dangers related to wireless 4G/5G technology? What are the dangers with wireless technology? Consider this a starting point to learn key concepts regarding 4G/5G wireless technology.

Take a look at the two pictures below of a 4G/5G small cell in Lemont, IL.  Notice how close it is not only to the ground (vertical proximity), but to the building (horizontal proximity). 







The posted caution label as seen in the photo on the right reads:

CAUTION  Keep Back 3FT from this Antenna.  CC RF Public Exposure Limits May Be Exceeded Within This Distance.  Call 888-632-0931 for Instructions. Qualified Workers: FCC Occupational Limits May Be Exceeded Within This Distance.”

Telecom and site developers, who install the wireless 4G/5G cells, are not required to go back and test the units they’ve installed.  They do not measure the amount of power and radiation that is being emitted. This means the levels of radiation go unchecked and unregulated, leaving the general public without any assurances that their safety and health have been adequately protected.

Key Points

  • 5G stands for fifth-generation: Wireless service with a higher frequency and closer to the ground and buildings.  
  • The rollout of 5G small wireless infrastructure poses multiple problems, including:
  • There are ZERO safety studies done on 5G.
  • The last time the FCC updated its guidelines for general public radiation exposure was in 1996.  That was back when we had 2G, yet the FCC still signed off on 3G and 4G, and extended the existing exposure guidelines to include 5G frequencies.
  • On 8/13/21, Environmental Health Trust (EHT), along with the Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and CHD’s Chairman, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., won a landmark lawsuit against the FCC for its refusal to update its outdated guidelines.
  • There is a revolving door between the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which is our governmental regulatory agency and industry groups, such as the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association), NCTA (The Internet and Television Association), and WIA (The Wireless Infrastructure Association). Our FCC officials are supposed to regulate the cellular industry; not work for them.  Before Ajit Pai became chairman of the FCC, he was the Associate General Counsel at Verizon.  To learn more, read the Harvard, Center for Ethics study: “Captured Agency: How the Federal Communications Commission is Dominated by the Industries it Presumably Regulates”
  • Over 400 medical professionals have slammed the FCC for outdated wireless radiation exposure limits.
  • Wireless 4G/5G small cells will be put up at street level, every 2 to 10 homes on utility poles and street lights which are close to the ground and homes. Additionally, telecom providers may install multiple small cells on the same poles in some areas which presents risks in terms of high levels of radiation exposure and safety. They may also choose to install their respective small cells on numerous new poles, cluttering neighborhood streets with unsightly infrastructure and blanketing communities with wireless radiation.
  • On 2/11/22, the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit denied a petition for review of an FCC rule, OTARD (Over the Air Reception Devices), that allows wireless Internet providers to work directly with property owners to install antennas on their property without notice to any other people or parties affected by the installation, which thereby remove the rights of the affected people or parties to object. 
  • The level of radiation from 5G will add to the radiation from 4G, not replace it, making the amount of radiation in our environment higher than ever before. 
  • In order for 5G to be successful, telecom will need to install 800,000 small cell towers and even more 4G cells to the existing infrastructure.  
  • A study performed by Swedish researchers found that 5G radiation causes typical symptoms indicative of microwave syndrome.”
  • Underground fiber optics are a safe alternative to wireless infrastructure and will provide faster speeds and more stable connections.
  • The Digital Divide: Over the last few decades, we have paid phone companies for a national copper wire network. The telecom providers have collected customer payments and instead of using the money to build out a fiber optic network across the country, they wrongfully allocated the money in their books to show that the unregulated wireless business as more profitable and left a large number of customers without high speed broadband access. In doing so, telecom essentially created the Digital Divide while also significantly increasing their profits.
  • On 4/12/2018, Illinois passed a pre-emptive state law, SB1451- Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act, that took away the rights of local municipalities to govern the 5G wireless rollout based on health and safety issues. Thanks to this bill, our mayors are powerless to push back on 5G due to the potential health related dangers.
  • On June 1st, 2021 at 1:00 AM, Illinois government officials pushed bill HB3743 (see page 86) through the state legislature to extend the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act  (SB1451) while intentionally excluding the voices of our coalition and leadership team for months throughout the legislative process. The government officials responsible for this maneuvering without fair legislative process, include Senator Michael Hastings, Representative Lawrence Walsh and Governor JB Pritzker.
  • Thousands of doctors, scientists and health professionals from around the world have pushed back on the roll out of 5G wireless. 
  • Insurance companies can refuse claims related to electromagnetic radiation illnesses. To quote from this article: “Why would an insurance company make this kind of decision without substantial evidence that EMR illness would soon be on the rise? The answer is simple: they wouldn’t.” 
  • It is clear that telecom companies are also aware that electromagnetic frequencies can cause harm, as for example is stated on page 17 of Verizon’s annual report:

“We are subject to a substantial amount of litigation, including, from time to time, shareholder derivative suits, patent infringement lawsuits, antitrust class actions, wage and hour class actions, personal injury claims, property claims, and lawsuits relating to our advertising, sales, billing and collection practices. In addition, our wireless business also faces personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits relating to alleged health effects of wireless phones or radio frequency transmitters. We may incur significant expenses in defending these lawsuits. In addition, we may be required to pay significant awards or settlements.”

  • Scientists have called for protection from non-ionizing electromagnetic field exposure.
  • Other countries have stopped or banned the rollout of 5G. 
  • 5G wireless will usher in “The Internet of Things” (IoT).  The plan is to connect everything to the Internet.  Some examples are medical devices, children’s toys, kitchen appliances, cars, TVs, door locks, security systems, industrial machinery, farm equipment and so much more.
  • Wireless networks are not as secure as wired networks and are much more vulnerable to data breaches and hacking. Hackers can access a smart device, spy on the owners and cause other problems that the industry has no idea of how to address.  Watch this report from ABC News.  Now imagine that everything in your home is connected to the internet.
  • The FCC has licensed Elon Musk’s SpaceX to launch 12,000 satellites with a goal of putting up 42,000 in total. The FCC is also permitting SpaceX to install up to 1 million antennas to act as transceivers that are linked to the satellites. These satellites are a big issue when it comes to added radiation to our environment. Space junk, collisions and the difficulties it is presenting for astronomers are other problems.
  • Some of the most common health complaints caused by wireless radiation exposure are ringing in ears (tinnitus), headaches, sleep disturbances, and brain fog. There are also many other symptoms and health problems that can result from exposure.
  • Head of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) says 5G could set weather forecasting back 40 years. Note that CTIA’s Executive Vice President, Brad Gillen, who makes comments in the article, “Head of NOAA says 5G deployment could set weather forecasts back 40 years. The wireless industry denies it.”, also stated it is okay to deploy 5G without any safety studies. (US Senate Committee hearing, February 19, 2019)
  • Climate Change, 5G & the Internet of Things 

We believe that if we come together and work with our government officials, we can get the right laws put in place that will protect us. We should not have to sacrifice our health, privacy, and property values to enjoy advancements in technology when safer options like fiber optics exist.

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