Bills We Oppose

There have been a number of bills introduced at the state and federal levels related to the deployment of wireless technology. Unfortunately, the majority of them do not propose changes to the law that would serve to protect the interests of citizens or local municipalities. Instead, these proposed bills support the interests of telecom and further streamline the rollout of wireless technology while almost eliminating any authority local governments might have had over the process previously.

At the state level, Representative Lawrence Walsh has introduced HB2379, and SB1731 has been introduced by Senator Emil Jones, III and Senator Sue Rezin. Both of these bills would extend SB1451 to 12/31/26, allowing telecom, a for-profit corporation, unprecedented access to our public rights of way and the ability to force the installation of unlimited numbers of unsightly cell towers throughout residential areas without consent. Telecom companies intend to place 5G cell towers every 2 to 10 homes and Verizon alone is planning to install 143 5G cell towers in the town of Hinsdale. All towns will experience the same fate if our government officials fail to take swift action. SB1451 allows telecom to place a 5G cell tower in front of our homes and on the property below or above all easements.

Representative Walsh, again, and Senator Castro have introduced two more bills HB2439 and SB0222 that both completely eliminate the expiration date of SB1451, which is set to expire on 6/1/21. 

We urge our legislators to vote NO to Representative Walsh’s bills, as well as any bills that work to extend SB1451. Our municipalities should be allowed the authority they are rightfully due to make decisions that are best for their communities and residents.

Please refer to the following list of state and federal legislation that we’re asking our officials to stand together by voting NO.


Illinois House of Representatives
All bills amending the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act (SB1451) have been assigned to the Public Utilities Committee.

Bill #          Sponsors/Co-Sponsors

HB2439     Representative Lawrence Walsh, Jr. (Chair of Public Utilities Committee)

HB2379     Representative Lawrence Walsh, Jr. (Chair of Public Utilities Committee)


Illinois Senate

Bill #          Sponsors/Co-Sponsors 

SB0222      Senator Cristina Castro  – This bill is the same as HB 2439.

SB1731        Senator Emil Jones, III & Senator Sue Rezin – This bill is the same as HB2379


US House of Representatives

Bill #          Sponsors/Co-Sponsors                                                    

HR1039     US Representative Gus M. Bilirakis

HR1043     US Representative Earl L. “Buddy” Carter

HR1044     US Representative Angie Craig

HR1045     US Representative Dan Crenshaw

HR1050     US Representative Neal Dunn

HR1051      US Representative H. Morgan Griffith

HR1053     US Representative Brett Guthrie

HR1056     US Representative Bill Johnson

HR1058     US Representative Adam Kinzinger

HR1060     US Representative Robert E. Latta

HR1064     US Representative Markwayne Mullin

HR1067     US Representative Gary J. Palmer

HR1069     US Representative Greg Pence

HR1073      US Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers

HR1074      US Representative Steve Scalise

HR1084     US Representative Tim Walberg