Bills We Support

We have been working diligently to effect positive legislative change related to the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act (SB1451) that caters to telecom and the rollout of 5G wireless technology in Illinois. Up to this point, there is no current legislation in place to protect the people in our state.

Representative Mazzochi has been working with us over the past year to identify legislative steps that can and must be taken toward restoring local control to give our residents peace of mind both day and night. Her recently introduced bills are as follows: 

lllinois House of Representatives
The following bills amending the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act (SB1451) have been assigned to the
Small Cell Subcommittee.

Bill #          Sponsors/Co-Sponsors

HB2561    Representative Deanne Mazzochi

HB2562   Representative Deanne Mazzochi

HB2563   Representative Deanne Mazzochi

HB2564   Representative Deanne Mazzochi

HB2565   Representative Deanne Mazzochi

Now that 5G installations have been piloted in several Illinois cities and towns, including Representative Mazzochi’s district which was one of the first towns hit, there is a lot we have learned. It is essential that we improve the process at the local level before all Illinois residents, belatedly, experience the same adverse impacts.

Our legislators are being presented with a unique opportunity to come together over this bipartisan issue in support of the people. This is the perfect opportunity for Illinois government officials to step into the spotlight by putting protective legislation in place that works for the people they were put in office to protect.

We’re asking all Representatives and Senators in the state of Illinois to stand with us by supporting Representative Mazzochi’s current bills. Now is the time to create much needed positive change in our state.