Contact Your Representatives

Elected officials want to hear about issues that matter to their constituents. We’re asking everyone to reach out to all officials, not just those running for re-election, to let them know you’re opposed to wireless 5G in your community. Your voice matters and will make change happen!

Just copy the sample letter below and email it to your elected officials. To find out who your representatives are, visit Contact Your Rep.

Use the Contact Us form to let us know if you have any issues copying the sample letter or if you receive responses from your representatives. We’re happy to support you and assist with the follow up process. 


Email Subject: Request for your Support Against the 5G Wireless Rollout

Dear (Senator/Representative/Congressman),

I am a member of a united network of Stop 5G and Safe technology organizations in Illinois with over 12,700 collective members. We support legislation that restores local control to municipalities to regulate the installation of 5G wireless networks, as well as protects resident rights and choice to consume this technology. Due to the stringent nature of Illinois state statute, SB1451, we believe that any similar replacement legislation for SB1451 should be rejected.

The rollout of 5G small wireless infrastructure poses multiple problems for all Illinois residents, including risks related to cybersecurity, privacy, home property values, village aesthetics, the environment, energy usage, human health and safety. There are currently no safety studies proving that 5G wireless is safe for people, animals or the planet. 5G cells are being installed every two to ten houses on utility poles and street lights, and some are being placed just several feet from residents’ bedroom windows.

The FCC is forcing 5G technology on the public and granting telecom companies full access to public rights of way regardless of whether residents want to consume this technology or not. Furthermore, the FCC has not updated its wireless radiation public exposure guidelines since 1996 when they were initially established based on 2G technology. Despite the fact that there are no studies proving the safety of 5G wireless technology, the FCC continues to push the rapid deployment of 5G wireless infrastructure to the detriment of public health, safety, privacy and resident property values.

I hope that you will be among the officials who supports local control and recognize the serious risks associated with the 5G wireless network. I request that you please reply to this email sharing your position regarding SB1451, restoring local control, and the deployment of 5G wireless technology. 

Please visit www.Stop 5G Together to review more information regarding the issues related to 5G technology and to view the Statements of Support that we’ve received.