Representative Deanne Mazzochi Expands Local Control

Representative Deanne Mazzochi Expands Local Control

September 5, 2020 Comments Off on Representative Deanne Mazzochi Expands Local Control By Stop 5G Together Illinois

Thank You, Representative Mazzochi!

In the state of Illinois, we are very thankful to have Representative Deanne Mazzochi of the 47th District leading the charge to protect citizens from the risks associated with the 5G wireless technology and to restore control to local municipalities to manage the 5G rollout in their communities.  As Representative Mazzochi continues to raise awareness about the 5G wireless rollout, more elected officials are starting to learn about how the rollout is impacting neighborhoods and show support for local governments and residents. Click here to view the Statements of Support we’ve already received to know how to vote for the upcoming election!

Many communities across the state are already seeing 5G small cells being installed in their neighborhoods without any notification or actual understanding of the real world implications of the 5G wireless rollout. Multiple towns in Representative Mazzochi’s district have been chosen as pilot communities for the 5G wireless rollout, including Western Springs, Hinsdale and Clarendon Hills, and many residents in those communities have been voicing their opposition.

In response to constituent concerns, Representative Mazzochi introduced two bills in 2020 that will provide more authority to local communities and homeowners: The Local Control, Protection, and Empowering Law (HB4653) and the Protect Me From 5G Act (HB5818). By introducing these bills, it is hoped that these bills will amend the current Illinois state law, the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act, (SB1451). The current, pre-emptive state law was passed in 2018 and took away the rights of local municipalities to govern the 5G wireless rollout based on health and safety. As the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act is set to expire in June 2021, these two pieces of legislation will be important factors in shaping future legislative outcomes and the implementation of 5G technology going forward.

Protect Me From 5G Act (HB 5818)

The Protect Me from 5G Act expands authorities to homeowners and local governments to establish more local control over the 5G wireless rollout. On August 13, 2020, Representative Mazzochi held the following powerful press release at the Historic Water Tower in Western Springs, IL to announce the bill.

The Protect Me From 5G Act includes the following key elements below. For more details about the bill, click here.

  • Radio frequency monitoring – Requiring a monitoring plan and tracking and recording daily levels of radio frequency emissions produced by 5G equipment;
  • Noise monitoring — Requiring a written report that analyzes acoustic noise levels for small wireless facilities and all associated equipment.
  • Environmental protection — Requiring a certification of a federal environmental assessment.
  • Equipment restrictions – Requiring equipment, when replaced, to be swapped with the smallest commercially used and available equipment.
  • Alternate Location Authority – – Allowing local governments to propose new small wireless facilities be installed on existing poles within 200 feet of requested location of a new proposed pole, in order to protect aesthetics and limit the number of new poles.
  • Closing application loophole – Clarifying that wireless service providers must submit new applications when seeking to replace existing small wireless facility equipment with significantly different equipment.
  • Below ground devices — Allowing local governments to require small wireless facilities and related equipment to be below ground as new technology for doing so becomes available.
  • Easement rules — Requiring proof of authority when wireless service providers seek to use easements outside of the public way.

Local Control, Protection, and Empowering Law (HB4653)

Introduced in February 2020, the Local Control, Protection and Empowering Law (HB 4653) gives residents with an opportunity to be heard and object to pole placements in relation to the local 5G implementation process. This bill would allow residents living within a specified radius of a target pole installation site to request a local hearing. To read more about HB4653, click here to read a summary of the bill.

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