Statements of Support

A big thank you to Illinois residents across the state who have participated in our CALL TO ACTION program!

We are thrilled to share the Statements of Support we’ve received from elected officials and candidates below. Please use this information to inform your vote and share it to help others know how to vote!

The 5G wireless rollout is a bipartisan issue and we have been contacting candidates in both the Democratic and Republican parties to request statements of support. We will post additional Statements of Support on this page as they are received.


Illinois US Congressional Candidates

US House of Representatives 

Mike Fricilone – 3rd District

Marie Newman – 3rd District

Jeanne Ives – 6th District


US Senate

Mark Curran


State Election Candidates

Illinois House of Representatives

Herb Hebein  – 35th District

Representative Amy Grant – 42nd District

Representative Amy Grant – Statement in Opposition to HB2379

Representative Deanne Mazzochi – 47th District

Honorable Peter Breen – 48th District

Laura Hois – 81st District

Kassem Moukahal – 82nd District


Illinois Senate

Jeanette Ward – 25th District

Senator John F Curran – 41st District

Senator John F. Curran – Statement in Opposition to HB2379

Ben Bierly – 43rd District

Representative John Connor – 43rd District

Tom McCullagh – 49th District