Who We Are

Stop 5G Together Illinois is a grassroots organization working with multiple Stop 5G and Safe Technology organizations in Illinois and groups across the country.  We are committed to protecting privacy, property values, local rights and resident health. We are for technological progress, but support safe, wired solutions, such as fiber optics.

Our goal is to educate people about the truth behinds the rapid deployment of 4G/5G as we continue to build our grassroots organization. We are reaching out to numerous government officials here in Illinois and developing partnerships with them to get the right laws passed that will restore local control and allow us to regain the rights taken away by telecom and the FCC. 

Adding more 4G cells to our neighborhoods and putting a 5G cell up in front of people’s homes at street level every 2 to 10 homes is unacceptable and potentially dangerous.  Telecom has not proven that 5G technology is safe for humans, animals or plant life.  The FCC has not updated their guidelines in 24 years yet they continue to remove the obstacles for the telecom industry in order to fast track wireless 5G along with additional 4G cells.  

Our group welcomes all people living in Illinois who care about this issue, as well as like-minded people from all over the world.  We believe that the continued growth of our group and working together with sister groups is what will drive us toward success in ensuring a safe environment for the people and communities of our great state.  

Together, we must take a stand to say NO to the rapid deployment of 4G/5G wireless technology, and demand safe, wired solutions.

Our Coalition

When a small group of us came together back in 2019 to do the deep dive into 4G/5G technology, we quickly realized the multiple risks that this wireless technology would bring to our communities. We understood that that we needed a game plan and reached out to other groups who were organizing in Illinois to join forces.  In February 2020, we launched our Stop 5G Together Illinois Facebook group that quickly grew to over 5,000 members in just 5 months. Fast forward to today: We are now 10 groups strong with over 13,000 members and growing every day! 

Below is a current list of associated organizations in Illinois. Please visit the their Facebook pages and join their groups! 

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